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Would You Put a Loved One in Just Any Nursing Home?


Dear Readers,
I currently work for a Nursing Home, Rehabilitation and Assisted Living Facility in Southern New Jersey. I can honestly say I am embarrassed to tell anyone the name of the facility that I work for. There are numerous cases of Abuse, Neglect, Possible fraud, misappropriation of funds, unfair and unlawful treatment of employee’s. Our facility has been under State survey Numerous times, we have recently been closed for better than 3 months to admissions.One week ago the State finally passed us once again, but it was all smoke and mirrors, and lies to get the approval for reopening.

The owner and the corporation for our facility has had several other facilities closed, and unable to operate in certain States. He currently owns at least 5 other facilities in the State of New Jersey and has a multitude of problems with each.

Some of us employee’s have personally contacted the State and the Department of Health. Mysteriously enough part of residents files disappear,many issues get covered up, not to mention the under handed methods they use to admit patients. For example while the facility was closed to admissions, The nurses were specifically told not to send residents out to any hospitals. If the Nurse had no choice but to send a resident out to the hospital and they were not being admitted, paper work was fudged to show the resident was not gone longer than 24 hours. When a resident went to the hospital and was longer than 24 hours there the Department of Health said they have to be relocated or placed at another facility. Well, we had patients come back that should not have, just so they could keep the census above 100.

The facility I am speaking of houses residents that quite a few should not be there. They consist of sexual predators, some as high as 2nd level, child molesters, drug abusers, mentally incapacitated and Aids patients. Some of these residents are allowed to roam the halls, a few have eloped. One resident recently tried to set the building on fire.Alcohol and drugs are easily brought in and out of the building, and unfortunately given to other residents. The Certified Nurses Assistant and Nurses Aides that work the 2nd and 3rd shift have been caught having sexual intercourse in resident rooms, the Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses sell Pocket Books and other merchandise in the facility which takes the aides away from their duties.

Our loved ones are most assuredly not safe in this facility. I am sure you are saying to yourself, “if it’s that bad, why do I still work there.” Not everyone who works there is crooked, some of us do actually care about these residents. And yes some are there just because they need a job sadly, and it’s just a paycheck to them. For those of us who care and feel a responsibility to the residents, we are the eyes and ears for the State Agencies. I urge each and everyone who has a loved one going into a facility to please do as much research as you can before placing them. To the owners of these facilities it’s all about the money. Nursing homes have become a huge profit organization for these people.

You can find anything on anyone over the Internet. PLEASE, use all the resources you can. The owner of our facility needs to go to prison for the rest of his life, along with his associates and all the corporate office staff the is directly under his command. They are quite aware of his activities. Tell me how a facility Director can earn a $3300.00 bonus twice a month and never be at the facility. Just remember the money that they are collecting that is to go for the resident and patient care is buying, Condo’s, Lexus’s, Mirada’s,Nanny’s for their children and the list goes on.


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