A nice world with internet

Technology can reshape the country and chronicled it in the book.  2014 up to today, so much things has changed. Self-driving cars actually works and 3D printers are now common thing. We can cope up with the fast-changing trends in technology, like being able to know how to wlan access point test for your routers and all other things related. While technology will unstoppably move forward even if people do not, what’s more important is focusing on what we are best for.


There are places which has excellence in the arts and in culture, and encouraging people to go back to their roots and start from there. People also need to have an understanding the technical element and how it changes business, people—not only industry leaders and businessmen—will come to realize that disruption and transformation is really about culture. If we were to live in this world that is filled with technology, I think we need to make a conscious decision that we like where we are. Going forward, we are going to live in a technology driven world so get over it and enjoy it.



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Badly need a break



I have been bored so much with studies right now! I mean, I do not loathe studying. Please do not get me wrong. It is just these past few weeks I have been a little stressed out with studies plus my part time work in an office that I forget to take a vacation. My dorm mate said I need to take a break and so she booked a round trip ticket for the two of us and we are going to Maldives to have some well deserved rest and relaxation. I am now planning to what to bring. Of course, I need my swimweare with me, as well as some nice bohemian clothes for those party nights. I am also thinking to borrow my sister’s 360 kamera  so I can have a nice shot of the place.  I have yet to buy my own but next time, I’ll definitely buy the best 360 camera I have bought a nice teal luggage already and of course, I should start packing already as our trip will be in less than six days! See you after a week everyone!

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Tips to Organization



Hey girls! Have you been thinking of organizing your things lately? I just did and I found out many tips on how to properly and effectively organize and declutter.

  1. Segregate- separate old and new stuff. Select those which can be given to charity and even sell. You can make big bucks out of it.
  2. Make use of old magazine to cover your books and other stuff for better protection
  3. Old bottles are wonder. Make the nice containers

But if you are lacking the space, you might want to consider seeking cheap self storage companies who can help you. There are available self storage prices too.

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My List


Christmas is nearing already and i know a lot of people are now listing down the people they will give gifts and the ones they want to receive as well. My parents and my brothers and sisters knows me a lot. They know I love travelling gears. I have been into travelling for almost five years now and to tell you, all their gifts are all travel related. Even when not Christmas, say for Valentines or for my birthday, all they could come up are all travel related gifts. I’m not complaining by the way! I just realized they love sending me gifts like these. And so this coming Christmas, I decided to give them a list of what they can give me. Haha. More like suggesting them to veer away from travel gadgets, watches (best wooden watches ) travel gears and all. Here is my list and if my parents and my family members are reading this, please feel free to choose whatever you want to give to me as present.

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Caring for the facial skin

I have a great Vitamin c serum for face now. It is not a selfish happiness, but a selfless one. By taking care of yourself and having the nicest skin that you can naturally have, not letting any type of pollution or ultraviolet stain or discolor your skin, getting rid of any scars that may exist from past acne or anything like that, you are actually guaranteeing that you will be in a better place mentally, and by being in a better place mentally you will treat other people better as well as treat yourself better this is really important. This is something I really believe in. I believe that the less people that are insecure, the less insecurity that those people will cause another people. I speak from my own personal experience from having being sick your and subconsciously tried to make other people feel insecure as well, and I speak from the experience of people eyewitness and people I know and, even people I love, this is something that is the sad truth about the human condition. That when we are feeling bad, sometimes we don’t have the energy to pull ourselves up, or we feel like it would be futile to get into a better state of mind, so instead we try to get other people to join us in our own despair. The second that we begin to do this, we make the world a worse place.



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Mother’s Day Gift



What could be the best way to give to mothers? Many can choose to treat the women of their for a trip or a full body massage. Several others choose to have them experience a nice fancy dinner or a day just in the spa.


An elegant and precious gift is one way of letting them know we love them. Women love gifts. They love being showered with it. And if you do not have any idea, Why not give her a Zegarki wood watch for a change?

Ditch the bag. Ditch the shoes. Many woman, for sure, have them all already. But rare are women who have wood watches. This is a perfect idea for them to let them know how you truly feel as a child. This is also a special gift idea for them to let them know they are loved and they are well appreciated in everything they do to your family.


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Protecting photography

I think that Humanity has proved that competition can be very healthy, and that when the highest standard becomes the average, the new high standard becomes exceptional. If human history continues to progress on these kind of lines, we will end up in a good place, and I see this for the history, relating to the present state of course, of photography.

To be honest, I don’t see any issue with the current rise of amateur photographer doesn’t matter of fact, I’m very enthusiastic about it. I don’t think that there should be any issue, and I think that current photographers are far too threatened. Not saying that there isn’t any reason to be threatened, of course. I just think that the best way to respond to threats is to move forward and progress, not to try to stifle the threats. Instead of trying to make other people worse, or limit then, the thing is to make yourself better. To adapt. I think that this is essential, however a lot of people that I know in the photography scene don’t. Instead, they blame Filter apps and things like that, rather than pointing at the fact that they haven’t been progressing at a rate that is expected of them as a professional. If the amateurs become as good as the professionals, what needs to happen is that the professionals need to rise to the occasion to get even better. I hate this sense of entitlement, that people who are at the top think that they deserve to stay at the top even if they’re not earning their place there. In fact, this is the kind of poor behavior that, if reinforced, keeps Society for moving forward as it should. Because the system is built to move forward based on the best ideas, not to protect the mediocrity of somebody who used to be the best.

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Amazon Prime Canada keeps up

Partially because I had heard negative things about Amazon Prime Canada in the past, so when I was going into begin my Amazon Prime Canada review, that was partially on my mind. But, the thing is that in the last year, Amazon Prime Canada has really caught up to its American counterpart, and I don’t see any way in which it is lagging behind anymore. And that’s really saying something, if you ask me. Because it used to be. There used to be tangibly better services that were being offered South of the Border, for not that much more money. So, of course you had a lot of bit angry Canucks appear, feeling a bit cheated by Amazon. At this point though, the only thing that I can see that is better in the states, is that in some urban areas, delivery can be as quick as two hours. Here generally it takes at least a day or so, but I do think that is going to time is Amazon invests in more warehouses and things up here. So, at the end of the day, what can I say about this service. Well, this is a Golden one. 10 of 10. 5 out of 5. 100%. Five stars, whatever you want to call it, this is the gold standard of a whole lot of things. Yes, Amazon Prime streaming Network may not be quite as far along as Netflix for example, but this is a service that is so diverse that the fact that it is even competing with Netflix in that sense is amazing. Because, obviously, Netflix does not offer online storage, audiobook any book Services, other forms of streaming, or product shopping and delivery, or exclusive discounts when it comes to these things. Amazon Prime, on the other hand, is a valid competitor for the industry leaders in all of these different fields, and there’s no reason to think that they are going to slow down.

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Cultivating compassion

Gifts for Cancer Patients are Jujuu Supply’s speciality. What an indispensable perfect than necessary feeling, and this is exactly how we can move forward as a species, more or less comic is by giving these things to each other and giving each other the strength to survive and prosper in times of turmoil. When somebody suffering and needs a gift it can be very difficult to know what to get them in fact it can seem impossible from time to time if you’ve never actually felt with their going through that’s why I love this website. I love this website because it provides people with things that they can’t afford and that you never think to give yourself. I have bought people pieces of jewelry that cultivate feelings of compassion, and other very important emotional values such as protection and tranquility. Yes, when we know somebody who is suffering an unjust amount of pain the thing that we want to give them as usually not a material gift. I think that we struggle with the feeling of wanting to give and not knowing what to give, because we want to give something more than just something you buy at a store. We want to give compassion, protection and Tranquility.

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Eco-Friendly Ways for Transport

As cynical as I can sometimes be about the way the world is today, I can also say that there are more ways to be environmentally friendly than ever before. This can be portrayed by the fact that today, while searching the web, I found an amazing German company that does not mass-produced their electric scooters, which are completely electric, but makes each one individually as it is ordered by a consumer. This is exactly what I think capitalism was supposed to be like, and it is the healthiest business plan that I have ever read about. From what I understand, the company has amazing ratings, and they are specialists in creating electric motor scooters. These electric motor scooters are very famous in Germany, and their brand is becoming a recognizable as it is being seen in all of the major cities, buzzing around the street. It’s really nothing heard though, as the amount of efficiency in this machine makes it so that hardly makes a sound. So, not only is it not polluting the air, but it is actively not polluting the environment with noise either, which is something that a lot of people complain about when it comes to motor scooters and motorcycles. No, this is a community friendly, environmentally friendly, altogether impressive attempts at an electric motor scooter, and from what I can tell, it is executed almost perfectly. I honestly don’t know what could be better. I mean, it maxes out at 45 kilometers an hour so you can take it on the highway, but most motor scooters are not Highway friendly, that’s just the way they are designed, it seems to me. So, next time you’re feeling cynical, see what kind of Advent is occurring in German technology, and you might feel better about the state of the planet. Check out the site by following the link! (https://unumotors.com/de/)

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