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Making My Job Simpler and Easier

As a person if business my job I feel is to look for ways to discover value in every aspect of an operation. I think that that is enough to justify my existence in the room of business, and I think it’s been the reason why I’ve had so much success so far in my career. That’s how I feel, at least, but I guess you have to ask my co-workers, superiors, and underlings. Anyway, I think this is been the recipe for My Success. The fact that I’m always finding ways to deliver and discover more value and an operation. By doing that, I am able to help companies and organizations bring themselves to the next level. My basic formula, although I’m not going to reveal all my secrets, it’s just a cut out what is inefficient and ineffective, and outsource it. It’s that easy. It’s just about Outsourcing what is holding you back to professionals, and allowing the core competency of your crew to Excel and pushed your whole operation to the next level. I think that it’s a simple formula, but I feel that it is not as popular as it should be, since I see very few companies operating in that way. I mean, with things like software I was saying, I guess I see it more often, and anything Tech related. That is really where it should be even more prominent though. Is in the technical side of operations that your crew can’t handle, due to Ability or workload. Sometimes software outsourcing has nothing to do with the skills of your employees being insufficient, sometimes it’s just the fact that they are already so busy that bringing on a new project, even though it brings in revenue, is not sustainable for your employees. You can still retain some of that Revenue by Outsourcing.

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