How to Become a Babysitter

Babysitting is a great job for students who need some extra cash! I myself have done this before going into my field and started looking forĀ hospitality jobs london. If you love children, you can be on your way to running your own babysitting business. You can be paid between $8-$15 and hour-CASH! Read on to find out how you can get started.

Step 1-Start by babysitting for relatives and close family friends. This is a quick and easy way to get some experience.

Step 2-Talk to people. There are so many people in search of good, reliable babysitters. You just have to find them! Talk to people at your church, neighbors, school. Ask if they know anyone who needs a babysitter. Do you have any younger siblings? Do they ever have friends over for a play date? Ask the parents if they could use a night out and offer to watch their children!

Step 3-Sometimes families prefer to set up a preliminary meeting before leaving you alone to watch their children. Schedule a time to go over their house, play with their children, and get to know the family. This is your time to show the parents what you can do!

Step 4-Once you land a babysitting job, work hard! Make an effort to engage with the children-don’t just sit on the couch and watch television! Build forts with couch cushions, finger paint, play hide-and-seek, etc. Find out what the kids like to do and do it (as long as it is safe and appropriate)! The trick of being a great babysitter is to impress the kids. That way, the kids will tell their parents that they had so much fun with you!

At the end of the night, get the kids in bed on time-make sure they brush their teeth! Try to put them to bed like their parents do. Reading a book often settles the children down after your night of fun!

Once the kids are in bed, it is your job to clean up! This is what will impress the parents! Try to leave the house cleaner than it was when they left. If there are dishes in the sink, wash them! Organize the toys and games that you played with, sweep up the crumbs on the floor. If you have extra time, write the kids a note about how much fun you had, and leave it for them to read the next morning. Doing these things will set you apart from other babysitters, and the parents will notice!

When the parents come home, don’t just take the money and run. Make a point to tell them something positive about their child! Tell them a little bit about what you did. You don’t need to give them a detailed report…just a few highlights. Tell the parents that you enjoyed playing with their children, and that you would love to come back again.

Step 5-All you need to do to jump start your babysitting business is impress one family. If you can do that, your name and number will start to spread into other households. Parents will suggest you to their friends, and you will be on your way to becoming the best babysitter in your town!

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