Existing Myths About App Store Optimization

Existing Myths About App Store Optimization

App store optimization (ASO) is quite prominent in today’s world. However, there are many stories behind ASO. While some of the information may be true some of it is not factual. They are literally based on rumors and people’s opinions. Such information may be quite confusing to the potential users who are dying to understand the app. This article will unfold some of the existing myths in regard to this app.

Modify your title regularly to become accustomed to high ranking searches

Of course, the title is a key element in the optimization of your app store. However, modifying your title regularly to insert diverse keywords can be quite harmful. This is because new apps tend to become famous through the word of mouth as the app starts to rank highly gaining more reviews. Changing a title makes it hard to spread word regarding your app. You should only create a title once. One that has qualities such as short, creative, unique and attractive.

Keywords are not essential

This is just a myth. Basically, keywords are very essential. This myth argues that ASO is all about rankings while SEO is about keywords. So use of keywords descriptions and creation of title is considered to be irrelevant in ASO. This is a serious lie since some research conducted on ASO shown that Apps whose titles used keywords got a higher ranking than the titles without the keyword. You should always use keywords in your description and title in order to get great results.

Description is not that important

Description is extremely crucial. This is the part that informs potential users what your app entails. Your app could be very irrelevant if your users lack any idea of how it will help them. Description is the part that convinces a potential user to download the app and start using it. You should never skip such a vital step.

People will find if it is on the store

For an app to be visible it requires a number of downloads. Unfortunately, some ASOs hold strongly to the idea that an app will always be found as far as it is in the App Store or Goggle play. You need downloads to stand the stiff completion from the existing high number of apps other than just great keywords as well as description. That way, your app will be easily visible. Not to mention that apps with high number of downloads tend to rank highly.

Incredibly, this is not even a quarter of the existing ASO myths. They are many in number thus you should always pay keen attention to the information you get on App Store Optimization since you may be feeding your mind with non-factual information.


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