Cultivating compassion


Gifts for Cancer Patients are Jujuu Supply’s speciality. What an indispensable perfect than necessary feeling, and this is exactly how we can move forward as a species, more or less comic is by giving these things to each other and giving each other the strength to survive and prosper in times of turmoil. When somebody suffering and needs a gift it can be very difficult to know what to get them in fact it can seem impossible from time to time if you’ve never actually felt with their going through that’s why I love this website. I love this website because it provides people with things that they can’t afford and that you never think to give yourself. I have bought people pieces of jewelry that cultivate feelings of compassion, and other very important emotional values such as protection and tranquility. Yes, when we know somebody who is suffering an unjust amount of pain the thing that we want to give them as usually not a material gift. I think that we struggle with the feeling of wanting to give and not knowing what to give, because we want to give something more than just something you buy at a store. We want to give compassion, protection and Tranquility.


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