A Guide to Buying High-Quality Barber Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars



Liberty Head (more popularly and commonly called “Barber,” the name to which this article will refer from here on out) dimes, quarters and half-dollars are a hot collectible, especially as their values continue to increase and their importance in type sets and series sets maintains. However, heavy use in circulation during the late-19th and early-20th century makes finding quality Barber coins quite difficult. Another unfortunate reality is that many Barber coins have been unadvisably polished or cleaned over the decades, making for coins that most collectors and investors would never want to purchase.
So how should a collector or investor go about buying a quality Barber coin? First, rest assured that plenty of nicely circulated, no-problem Barber coins exist. You simply have to take a little time to look around.

Generally speaking, by most every estimation, it is well worth the effort to avoid the sales, discounts, and price cuts for cleaned and damaged Barber coins. The price of a Good-graded (the lowest circulated grade many collectors would allow themselves to buy in regards to common coins) Barber half-dollar has at least doubled in the last ten years. Fine Barber half dollars have increased steadily in recent years, and mid and high-grade Barber dimes and quarters have alson gained in recent years. However, the Barber coins that have seen the price increases in recent years are those which have not been cleaned and are free from damage, nicks, and dings.

Look for Barber coins where the lettering and major details are intact. Though various general grading guidelines suggest the rim may be worn down to the tops of the letters near the edge of the coin, spend the extra bit of money (perhaps only a few dollars in the case of half-dollars, less for the dime and quarters) and spring for Good-plus and Very Good grades. If you are out to build a type set and your budget allows, consider purchasing nothing less than problem-free mid-to-high grade Barber coins.

A look at any coin dealer’s case of Barber coins and a look at online dealer and eBay offerings usually yield many beautiful, high-quality, uncleaned, unscathed Barber coins. Many collectors and investors favor Barber coins that have nice, deep, medium to semi-dark toning, but this is only a matter of one’s preference. Lusterous Barber coins are always in demand. However, it is generally advisable to avoid buying Barber coins that are too dark (almost black) or present spots. Very dark and/or spotty coins may not do too well in the resell maret, and there are few collectors who would ever want to display a black or spotted coin in their collections.

When shopping for Barber coins, bear in mind that certain Barber coins are very difficult to locate in the mid-level and high grades (Fine to Very Fine and higher). When pursuing Barber coins in the higher grades, (especially Barber halves, which are notoriously hard to find uncleaned or without very deep toning in the higher grades) keep your fortitude about yourself. If you find youself skeptical about buying high-grade Barbers for fear that they have been cleaned, then consider buying “slabbed” coins—those certified by an independent, professional coin-grading company. These companies usually either reject encapsulating cleaned coins altogether or will denote on the holder as to if the coin has been cleaned in its past.

In the end, you need to find the Barber coins that fit your budget. However, never scrimp when purchasing these century-plus-old coins. It is always well worth your effort to locate a nice, problem-free coin that will be aesthetically pleasing, have a fair chance for an increase in value, and make for an attractive and worthy addition to your collection or investment portfolio.


Foy my next post, I will writing about having a sturdty and durable, and reliable tactical flashlight to use when the need arise. Will also be raffling away three items for my readers.

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Proper Preparation for Backpacking Trips



Many forces compete in the quest to find a weekend activity, and potential weekend warrior have a variety of choices when it comes to finding an activity. However, one of the most rewarding and simplest activities to do is a backpacking or hiking trip (for my suggestion on backpacks, check out my post on my new The PNW Ultralight Backpack). These types of trips are easy to organize, simple to plan, and fun for entire families or groups. However, even though many go backpacking, too few are aware of the proper equipment that should be brought on a trip. Without a few essential items, backpackers can potentially put themselves in danger. For that reason, and to get the most out of your adventure, potential backpackers need to remember to keep the following vital items with them at all times.

1. Water (extra if needed)

Often, in the case to save some weight, and travel a little bit lighter, potential backpackers abandon the idea of taking extra water or liquids with them. However, this is a very poor choice. During physical activity, the body needs a good amount of water in order to remain in good condition, and water also serves other important purposes while out on the trail. For instance, if one needs to clean something or to put out a fire that may have been started, it will be necessary to have extra water. Remember to consider the time that you plan to be away, the conditions, and plan ahead to bring enough water to last you for the entire trip, running out of water can be very dangerous, and is something that should be avoided at all costs.

2. Food (extra if needed)

Very similar to the idea of bringing extra water to be prepared is the idea of bringing extra food as well. Remember that in colder weather a person is going to burn more calories and thus must consume more food to stay active and energized. However, also important to remember is bringing the right types of food. Home made trail mixes, containing various nuts and fruits are an easy way to bring nutritious and energizing food without taking up a lot of weight and space. You do not want to go hungry on your trip, and one of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to make sure that you bring enough food with you.

3. Map

Even if you know the area in which you are traveling well, it is nonetheless very important to bring a map with you. Even the best can wonder off the trail or become lost in poor conditions. Bringing a map is one of the best ways to make sure that you stay on your path and do not get lost going to your destination. Being lost is never fun, but simply throwing an extra piece of paper into your backpack is really all you need to prevent this from happening.

4. Clothes

Don’t think that just because you are out in the woods extra clothes won’t be needed. If you plan to travel through wet conditions, or the area that you are traveling in contains natural bodies of water, than it is a fair assumption that your clothes may get wet. Wet clothes make it hard to travel and can also make for a miserable night if you have nothing else to sleep in. Also, remember to check the weather and bring clothes accordingly. If you are leaving on a hot day, but the weather is going to get colder in the night or over the next day or so, than remember to also bring cold weather clothes with you. Simply bringing some extra clothes is incredibly beneficial, and it can make all the difference in the world when determine whether you have a happy backpacking trip or a nightmarish one.

5. Compass

Speaking of preventing nightmarish backpacking trips, one of the most important things to do is to bring a compass. A compass makes sure that you will remain on the right path and going in the right direction. When out in nature, it can be very easy to become disoriented or lost. In order to prevent this from happening, bringing a compass is the best thing to do. Also, remember that you bring a high quality compass, one that comes from a toy store or quarter vending machine isn’t likely to do you much good.

6. Flashlight

Darkness has taken many unsuspecting backpackers by storm, and being caught unprepared in the dark is both dangerous and easily preventable. Although it is recommended that you bring two flashlights, a smaller one for easy access while traveling, and a larger floodlight for different situations, if possible, even a simple flashlight will do. Just remember that bringing that single flashlight is very important, and can save you from a lot of trouble when the nightfall comes. Remember that if you are going to be in the woods, tree cover can sometimes obscure natural starlight or moonlight that might otherwise be an excellent light source.

7. Rain Equipment

Even totally clear skies have been known to cloud up in a matter of seconds, and weather forecasts have been totally wrong many occasions before. Even your best attempts to plan your trip for a sunny weekend may end up meaning very little if an unforeseen rain storm occurs. However, in order to prepare for this, make sure that you bring equipment with you that is necessary to fight the rain. Clean, dry clothes, ponchos, coverings for shoes or pants, whatever you need, make sure to pack it, regardless of what the weather appears to be like. Rain can ruin a good trip, and without any ability to fight the rain, you will be forced to abandon your trip.

8. Fire Equipment

Since surprisingly few people lack the ability to start a fire with sticks, it is very helpful to bring matches or a powerful lighter. While a cheap $.99 cent lighter may serve the purpose, your probably going to want to bring a butane lighter or something of that nature. Also, if you are backpacking in wet conditions, and think that you may have problems starting a fire, it can be very helpful to bring some chemical fire starters or other items to help you get a fire started in even the wettest conditions.

9. Pocketknife

Never underestimate the benefits of a simple pocket knife. From helping you cut things to providing other essential tools in one convenient package, a small pocketknife can easily be carried with you, is readily available, fairly cheap, and will serve you for a long time to come. Of all the simple, last minute things that may be forgotten, remember to pack your pocketknife, you will not regret it.

10. Medical Supplies

One of the most important parts about planning for the unforeseen is to bring enough medical supplies and first aid equipment with you for safety. If you take any kind of medicine, remember to bring extra with you in case anything should happen and you are not able to get back at the time you planned. Also, remember to bring some disinfectant and bandages, if you get a cut while walking or on the trail, you do not want it to become infected. Allergy medicines and necessary treatment for any possible bug bites or allergic reactions is also a must to bring.

Of course, when packing your backpack, you also want to make sure that you balance everything by not bringing too much. A heavy backpack can make for a trip that’s not too fun, not to mention great inconvenience to the walker. However, a heavy backpack is always better than not having the necessary supplies and equipment to make it through your trip safely. Always remember to be prepared, and, if in doubt, bring extra with you. Backpacking and hiking can be a lot of fun, but you will have the best time and the most fun if you are prepared and ready for your trip.

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Pretty Easy Web Design



I love to talk about web design. I have just enough technical knowledge to appreciate the ghastly difficulty of getting a web design “right”. And just enough credulity (or is it starry-eyed ignorance?) to still get a huge charge out of the sites that work…and to beet up with frustration over the ones that don’t.
I’ll never learn to be cool when it comes to web design.

As a copywriter and Internet researcher I have the pleasure of cruising and using many web sites every working day. I mean, first I have to Google, Ask, beg, burrow and borrow to find relevant sites. Then I book ’em and sort them and put them in my lineup. And then I knock ’em over, one by one. And, because in my business time is money, I move fast.

Each new site is like a walnut waiting for me to crack it open and dig out the meat. I can honestly admit that I open every single site every day with joyful anticipation.

Of course most of the time I’m sorely disappointed. Not with the information, mind you; I always get the ‘meat’ eventually; but with the web site design.

What is a good web design?

A good web design is one that delivers the message without being noticed.

The trouble with most web designs is that they are too egotistical. “Look at me, look at me!” they shout, forgetting that at least 99% of the time their job is supposed to be murmuring in a hushed tone, “Take this.” “Look at this.” “Here’s some more.” What else can I get you?” Like a good waiter in a top drawer restaurant. When you leave him a generous tip at the end of a perfectly served meal it’s because he performed his job invisibly…not because he wore a red bowtie, coughed in your soup, made loud mouth noises or threw the dishes around.

Vincent Flanders (that author/web designer fellow that coined the phrase, “mystery meat navigation”) has a great analogy; he says don’t confuse web design with good sex (or something like that). Anyway, good sex requires foreplay. Good web site design doesn’t. When you go into a site you want the payoff up front, the answer before you ask the question, the punch line without the whole shaggy dog story.


That’s life today on the Internet. You want what you want when you want it!

The good, the ugly, and the bad…

Now, I don’t mean to imply that web design shouldn’t be beautiful, or colorful, or have plenty of the bells, buttons and whistles that are so dear to every web designer’s heart. I also love a fully packed site.

I’ll give you an example. This one’s pretty esoteric; you may have to love fishing to really appreciate it. I came across it while I was researching for a piece on game fishing: www.kuuloakai.com

If I didn’t lose you altogether to that site (and you’re now on your way to Hawaii), I’ll be surprised.

Anyway, my point is, everything on that site works quickly and efficiently and offers up tons of fishing information, both practical (where and how to book, what to bring, how much, etc.) as well as frivolous (like the fun fish encyclopedia). If something flashes, it’s because it takes you where the fish are. It’s attractive. It’s easy. It’s fast and it’s accessible.

Even when a web site is not overtly selling a product or a service it’s still selling something. If you don’t leave the site with that ‘something’ then it wasn’t a good web design. Even if that ‘something’ was finding out that the product or service was not what you were looking for, the web design was a success because it delivered up the goods for your inspection quickly and easily.

Another really attractive, informative, and easy to navigate website is http://www.paintyourlife.com , a photo to art gallery site. Their quality images and graphics, a well laid out home page, and easy and clear content effectively describe their product line and guide the reader smoothly through the ordering process. If you like this, read Canadian web hosting reviews.

Now I suppose I’m going to have to show you an example of a site that managed to get everything wrong: awful content, terrible graphics, barely readable fonts…and I don’t even want to mention the flash and the colors: http://www.fabricland.co.uk/ (Although it is hard not to mention all those flapping flags and pointing fingers.) My heart goes out to Fabricland though, as obviously somebody put in a lot of time and effort.

Then there’s the frustrating and the sad…

The most frustrating web site is the one that’s packed with the information you need urgently, but the font is microscopic against a dark background, you need to open lots of hidden doors to see what turn out to be obvious headings, there are a bunch of distracting flashing images that don’t contribute any information, and – the worst crime of all – it’s slow.

The saddest web sites are the ones that are fast, work great, have clean fonts, good background, fast buttons, efficient layout…but the ‘something’ the site is selling is not worthy of the design. It’s enough to make the poor web designer cry.

Of course there are lots of amazing websites; you recognize one as soon as you enter.

But the best sites of all are the sites that are both pretty and easy.

Pretty. Easy. Got it?

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How to Design a Productive Office Environment



Heard of the phrase “soldier without a gun”? That is how employees, who are put in a sub-optimally designed office environment, are likely to feel. The very least expectation of employees is that they be productive in their work. They will not be able to do that if they are not provided the right office environment.
What does a productive office environment mean? What are the factors that go into making an office environment productive? How will it help employees be productive?


Factors while designing an office environment

What are the factors that employees will think of while judging whether or not his office environment is productive? These factors can be grouped under three major heads:

The physical environment
1.Is my work environment intuitive? Or Am I searching for things?
2.Is it customized to my work style and requirements? Or is it designed to satisfy overall standardization protocols?
3.Is there something vital to my performance that I am missing in my work environment?
4.Do I have to deal with a lot of problems with the equipment that is provided to me?
5.Am I satisfied with the quality of products and service delivered by my vendors?

The supportive environment
1.Are there systems and processes in place in my department that serve as good librating structures? ?
2.Do I have clear instructions and guidelines on how to use the equipment that are provided to me?
3.Are the enough staff in the department to do the work? Or is it understaffed?
4.Do I have access to the information that I need to do my work?

The emotional environment
1.Can I depend on my manager to sort out any problems that I may have in my office environment?
2.Do I get alternatives when I ask for something that will improve my productivity? Or is it only a straight no.

How to design a productive office environment

1.Involve the staff: One of the sure-fire ways to design a highly productive office environment is to ask the employees what would make them productive. The diagnosis becomes easier; the design becomes more relevant and therefore more productive.

2.Customize: Don’t always try to standardize everything in the office environment. People are different. Their work styles are different. Their requirements are different. Their value to the overall process is different. An office design that does not take cognizance of these differences will end up designing an office that is uniform and standardized but unable to satisfy any of the staff to the fullest. It will also result in a bad design – some staff will get more than they actually require; some will get less. It not only results in sub performance of employees but also in underutilization of company infrastructure and budgets for infrastructure.

3.Justify: Ask employees what they need does not always mean that employees are correct in their requests. A lot of employees make requests not because they really need something, but because their colleagues have it or because it makes them feel better. A effective office design has to ensure that employees requests are justified; a cost-benefit analysis is done and there is a definite break-even to justify the granting of a request.

Tips to ensure a productive office environment

An office design is not static, set-up exercise. It is dynamic, because employees’ expectations and requirements are dynamic. Here are some tips to ensure that the office design evolves with employees’ expectations and keeps pace with the employees’ requirements.

1.Check in with the team about the work environment at least once in 6 months. This helps track changing employee needs.

2.Involve the whole team while making decisions regarding purchase or materials/equipment or outsourcing services. A consensus approach will always get better ownership of the office design.

3.Hold a vendor audit periodically to review the quality of outsourced materials and services. This ensures that complacency does not set in in the vendor quality.

4.Hold meetings with vendors and service contractors at least once a year. This helps them keep pace with the office design requirements. They may also be able to add value to the office design by suggesting updates and upgrades.

5.Ensure that all employees are well trained in all aspects of the office equipment and processes.

6.Clarify the logic behind approving design changes or requests. How does it affect productivity? Are there cost savings or quality improvements? This helps the employees think in terms of the whole department rather than individual preferences.

An office environment that is designed towards productivity provides a strong platform for employees to start unleashing their full potential. It sets the stage for higher order performance.

On my next post: How I Go These Nice  Wooden Dinnerware Sets at a Discounted Price

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Why I Did Not Listen When They Said “Put Your Child in Day Care”



My family calls it being cooped up all day, and not letting my daughter be around other kids, spectators say I need to take a break and get out of the house, others say my daughter needs to be around other people than her immediate family of three. These are the voices of people who comment on my choice to be a stay at home mom. It seems as though they are turning what is supposed to be a positive decision into a negative one. Despite how annoying and sometimes hurtful some of their comments can be, I just remind myself that these comments are made by people with limited knowledge of staying at home with children because they have opted to work full-time for fear of raising sheltered, anti-social- children who suffer from separation. or because they had no choice but to work outside the home.
I choose to stay at home with my child because it is essential for me to be there to raise and care for her. I always say to myself, my social life can always be rebuilt but I can not get back the first years of my daughter’s life, so I indulge in the time I get to spend with her. The idea of day care did cross my mind, but I just could not bear to send her, because images of teacher’s neglecting her, other children, hitting and fighting her, began to fill my mind. I even thought about her getting sick from the other kids frequently and, I thought about how much our bond would loosen. All those thoughts were scary, so from there, I made a vow to myself to avoid putting my daughter in daycare. From that point on, I adjusted my life for what I see as her convenience. for our bond, and for her security, and for maybe my assurance.

My daughter used to suffer from separation anxiety, whenever I had to leave her she would throw tantrums and not let anyone console her, a relative made a snippy comment saying that she would only get worse, if I did not let her go to daycare. This angered me greatly because this relative refused to see that my daughter was throwing a tantrum for a reason and it was because she did not feel secure, and that she needed me, to help build her security. I was even told that I shouldn’t carry her around the house a lot because I would not get anything done. I did not take their advice and two years later I have an emotionally, healthy, independent, secure two year old.

I stayed home with my baby and no, I didn’t keep her locked in the house everyday, we went for walks around the block, we went to parks, and beaches, we went to the library I signed her up for parent-child playgroups where she could interact with babies her age as well as adults. I believed my daughter benefited greatly from me staying home with her, I have been able to teach her new things each day. We spend time reading books, learning numbers, colors, playing and making music and doing arts and crafts and various projects that help her learn. Despite what people have said bout “sheltered” children, my daughter is very smart, she is very vocal, her vocabulary is expansive and clear, and she has no problem at all formulating sentences. When we have to separate she does much better and I know it’s because she is secure now, she knows that mommy is not leaving her. Staying at home with her has made our stronger which has given her the confidence to interact with others. My daughter is not anti-social or reclusive she is a people -person.

I am glad I did not listen to those who told me not to stay at home with my child.I believe that it’s the bond between parents that determines a child’s emotional success, and sometimes physical success like career wise, or as far as goal setting. I don’t look down or judge parents who have to work outside of the home or parents who choose not to stay at home with their children for their own personal beliefs, I just believe that sometimes we leave our children too early, leaving little time for creating a secure bond, which in some children may cause attachment problems which then may effect social skills. Of course my beliefs are just my own, there have been reported cases of children having a strong bond with their parents despite going to daycare and I agree that once a child is secure with a strong bond with parent(s) that he/she will be able to separate without jeopardizing the parent child bond. My daughter is more secure than she was a year ago and she show signs of an eagerness to be around other children now, and to support this urge, I am going to enroll her in a toddler group, for once a week for 3 hours by herself.

Just look for the signs that your children give and follow them, they may show signs of insecurity, or even independence you just have to examnme them closesly and support them,

Every parent is different and every child and family is different, moms should do what’s best for them whether it’s to go out and work or stay at home with the kids. I just wanted it known that not all stay at home children are sheltered, reclusive, anti social. Or possess a great problem with separation of anxiety, it all depends on the way parents, raise their child.

Up next on my post: My review about dermaroller amazon and how it works wonders on my skin!

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How Do Men Fit into Today’s Modern Families?




From my vantage point on the elliptical trainer on my front porch, I could see the four-way stop to my left as well as the entire length of the block. Here, I observe the parade of curious behavior as it goes past my house. Cars routinely blow through the stop signs in any of four directions; some drivers engaged in illegal (in my state) cell phone conversations, some too important to actually come to a stop, and others just oblivious to the eight-sided, blaringly red sign with a four letter word. The house for the handicapped halfway down the block has a steady flow of its clients meandering to and from the center of town. But really the most noticeable event is the sight of men pushing baby strollers mid day, mid-week. How can they do this? What changes have come about in our society to make this possible? How do they feel about their role?
My mind tries to curl its way around this phenomenon as I exercise away. Could it be that the wife has more earning power than the man? Instead of paying someone to watch the children, the couple decides that the alternative cost of the husband staying home is less than the day care costs. An intangible benefit is that the children actually have one of their parents in charge all the time and not someone who is in it for the job. So the economic benefits are a consideration. Could another possible scenario be that the wife is much younger than the husband and has a longer earning window? This again makes more financial sense than both working. In either case, it appears that the father has taken over the job of day care. Does that mean he takes care of the housework and cooking? I remember the Michael Keaton movie (Mr. Mom) about the stay-at-home dad, but the movie was made in 1983 so the long-term impact of that is negligible. I realize that Hollywood will do anything if it thinks it might make money so I discount this influence. If these possibilities have any credibility, then I am seeing a reversal of long-practiced social mores.

Do the friends of these men have any feedback for them? I bet they do and it’s not all positive: “oh, do you wear an apron while you’re cooking?”-“how’s diaper detail?”-and “does this contribute to your 401K?” They would never miss a chance to throw out some barbed remarks and I’m not even going to talk about the possible questions regarding positions. All of this might combine to make a man feel less than adequate.

Perhaps all that feminist talk of the 70’s is catching up to us and men are starting to feel the pressure to give in to women’s demands. After all, we all know the women hold the upper hand. They are the ones who say Yes or No to the big question-What’s after dinner?

Now that I’ve taken you through this seemingly self-pitying diatribe, I should confess. I am actually on the front porch exercising because I can. I stay at home during the day, vacuum, wash clothes, fix dinner, read chapter books, and generally act as the soccer dad. I’m perfectly happy doing this and, in fact, am thriving on it. I know that my little son will benefit from this attention and it also gives me time to exercise, write, read, and keep things in order at home.

I will never say that this work is easy because it is not. I’m sometimes relieved to go to a part-time job at Kinderopvang Leiden at night and let down my guard a bit and talk with other adults. I don’t know how women were able to do such a good job at this. It’s tiring; sometimes boring, demanding, and frequently, I feel inadequate at my day job.

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Motorola Pure H12: A Comfortable Bluetooth Headset



technology-music-sound-thingsMotorola has created the CrystalTalk technology as a useful way to improve call quality on mobile phones. This wonderful technology will provide users with adaptive speaker technology and noise reduction. The Motorola Pure H12 has this special CrystalTalk technology built into it as well. Users will have a more pleasurable conversation that is free from distracting background noises. Voices will be heard clearly without any unnecessary feedback.
The Motorola Pure H12 also has an elegant design with great performance. The diamond cut design will appeal to many consumers that require style and functionality. It is a compact device that can be easily placed into your pocket, bag, or purse for grab and go situations. Another wonderful benefit of this device is its comfortable fit. It will not weigh down your ears or cause pain from long periods of use. There is a large multifunction button that will be used for adjusting volume and it is extremely easy to locate when in the middle of a call. The dedicated power toggle comes in handy when it comes to saving your battery. You will be able to conserve the power by turning the device off or on with ease.

The flexible and thin ear hook with immersive sound has a skinny design in order to make it discreet. It will not look like a bulky attachment hanging from your ear. Anyone wearing glasses will also be able to wear this device comfortably because of its slim design. The three interchangeable covers have a soft cushion for superb comfort. It will be able to effortlessly slide into your ear. Charging the Motorola Pure H12 is a simple task to complete. It automatically comes with a portable charging cradle or a desktop stand. You will be able to place the headset into the charging cradle securely because of the magnetic contacts. There will no surprised instances of a non charged headset because of improper insertion.

One of the best features of the Motorola Pure H12 is that it will automatically go into pairing mode when it is first turned on. This will give you an easier and smoother process instead of fighting with different settings. The two included microphones will successfully block out unwanted background noise and they will also adjust noise levels. Restaurant settings can be one of the noisiest environments, but with this Bluetooth headset you will have no issues hearing your callers. It does an excellent job of cleaning up background noises. The CrystalTalk technology makes the Motorola Pure H12 a wonderful device to add to your existing gadget collection. It will be the perfect accessory to any Bluetooth mobile phone.

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Would You Put a Loved One in Just Any Nursing Home?



Dear Readers,
I currently work for a Nursing Home, Rehabilitation and Assisted Living Facility in Southern New Jersey. I can honestly say I am embarrassed to tell anyone the name of the facility that I work for. There are numerous cases of Abuse, Neglect, Possible fraud, misappropriation of funds, unfair and unlawful treatment of employee’s. Our facility has been under State survey Numerous times, we have recently been closed for better than 3 months to admissions.One week ago the State finally passed us once again, but it was all smoke and mirrors, and lies to get the approval for reopening.

The owner and the corporation for our facility has had several other facilities closed, and unable to operate in certain States. He currently owns at least 5 other facilities in the State of New Jersey and has a multitude of problems with each.

Some of us employee’s have personally contacted the State and the Department of Health. Mysteriously enough part of residents files disappear,many issues get covered up, not to mention the under handed methods they use to admit patients. For example while the facility was closed to admissions, The nurses were specifically told not to send residents out to any hospitals. If the Nurse had no choice but to send a resident out to the hospital and they were not being admitted, paper work was fudged to show the resident was not gone longer than 24 hours. When a resident went to the hospital and was longer than 24 hours there the Department of Health said they have to be relocated or placed at another facility. Well, we had patients come back that should not have, just so they could keep the census above 100.

The facility I am speaking of houses residents that quite a few should not be there. They consist of sexual predators, some as high as 2nd level, child molesters, drug abusers, mentally incapacitated and Aids patients. Some of these residents are allowed to roam the halls, a few have eloped. One resident recently tried to set the building on fire.Alcohol and drugs are easily brought in and out of the building, and unfortunately given to other residents. The Certified Nurses Assistant and Nurses Aides that work the 2nd and 3rd shift have been caught having sexual intercourse in resident rooms, the Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses sell Pocket Books and other merchandise in the facility which takes the aides away from their duties.

Our loved ones are most assuredly not safe in this facility. I am sure you are saying to yourself, “if it’s that bad, why do I still work there.” Not everyone who works there is crooked, some of us do actually care about these residents. And yes some are there just because they need a job sadly, and it’s just a paycheck to them. For those of us who care and feel a responsibility to the residents, we are the eyes and ears for the State Agencies. I urge each and everyone who has a loved one going into a facility to please do as much research as you can before placing them. To the owners of these facilities it’s all about the money. Nursing homes have become a huge profit organization for these people.

You can find anything on anyone over the Internet. PLEASE, use all the resources you can. The owner of our facility needs to go to prison for the rest of his life, along with his associates and all the corporate office staff the is directly under his command. They are quite aware of his activities. Tell me how a facility Director can earn a $3300.00 bonus twice a month and never be at the facility. Just remember the money that they are collecting that is to go for the resident and patient care is buying, Condo’s, Lexus’s, Mirada’s,Nanny’s for their children and the list goes on.


I will be having a discussion about CMS and website development, with topics on DNN .net CMS for my next blog!

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Ten Characteristics of a Good Metric

We have all heard the old adage; you cannot manage what you do not measure. That is great advice, however what exactly do we mean by “measure.” It is a vague word used to define “something” we are supposed to measure in order to improve productivity. What is that something? That something is a viable metric that can be measured, reported, quantified, explained and improved upon. With that in mind we will define the 10 rudimentary characteristics which make up good measurements.

Ten Characteristics of good Measurements:
It must be quantitative in relation to an objective value. The measurement must be easily understood by conveying what is being measured and by what standards. The measurement must recognize appropriate and productive behaviors. This metric is published in relation to productive behavior while reducing short-cuts, hacks or other system work a round to improve individual productivity scores. It needs to be evident. The effects of the metric are easily apparent to all parties involved. Those who are involved in processing the metrics can easily define what it is they are trying to measure. Comprises both inputs and outputs. This metric is an integration of all components of the specific process which is being measured. Determine if a metric is relevant. Focus on key metrics which are indicators of real value to help you manage your operation. Make sure the measurement covers multiple dimensions of your operation. Ensure that the metric is balanced among utilization, productivity, and performance. Additionally, this measurement needs to display the correct tradeoffs. The measurement procedures must be economically sound. Make sure the costs of analysis and retrieval are less than the profit gained from productivity. The measurement must me clearly defined and mutually agreed upon. All key elements, both internal and external, must agree to that any particular metric being measured is viable to the operation. The measure must emphasize trust while validating the usage among the different groups involved.

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XOLAIR: FDA Approved Drug for Seasonal Allergies


At this time of the year, individuals suffering from asthma find asthmatic symptoms can be significantly exacerbated by allergens associated with changing weather. For these individuals, standard asthma medications and treatments often do not remedy these unique seasonal allergy symptoms, especially those associated with Spring season. For this reason, during the period approaching Spring, many asthma sufferers begin to seek out additional asthma treatment options to remedy complications created by allergens.
Xolair, manufactured and distributed by Genetech, Inc., and Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation, is a leading FDA approved prescription drug used in the treatment of asthma attributed to allergens. Xolair lends its success to the control over IgE, the natural occurring biological component, within our body, by suppressing the IgE overproduction which attributes to the allergic reaction in asthmatic patients.

With the ability to control IgE production, Xolair can be used in patients over the age of 12, treating allergen induced asthma simply with the application of injectable Xolair, in the office, on average, ever two to four weeks, just below the skin. Dosing will, of course, vary depending on the degree to which the patient suffers from asthma symptoms associated from allergen induced spikes in naturally occurring physiological IgE.

As with most FDA approved drugs, Xolair, in the treatment of allergen induced asthma, does not come without side effects. In studies, the most common Xolair side effects include mild headache, tingling or slight soreness of the throat and even symptoms associated with sinus drainage or an upper respiratory tract infection. At the Xolair injection site, some asthmatic patients, using Xolair to treat allergen asthma, may notice bruising and some slight swelling. While this is normal, these injection side effects should remedy within a week or so and, when not remedied during this period, should be examined by a healthcare professional.

For patients with year round asthma symptoms, the use of Xolair is approved for use as a supplement prescription drug during peak periods of allergy season. Most often, asthma patients who ordinarily use steroid inhalers will find the use of Xolair injections beneficial during the peak allergy season. During pregnancy, however, Xolair should be used at minimum due to the potential allergen associated antibodies which may develop within the fetus.

Each Spring, Americans across the country suffer from asthmatic symptoms associated with peak allergy season. When suffering from wheezing, difficulty breathing, sneezing and irritation of the eyes, nose and ears, consider using Xolair in the treatment of your allergic asthma. Even for products put in the face, you need thoruogh review of it before using. Good thing many are shiffting to this product–a vitamin c serum for face which is really effective. So, always seek the best products and medications for you.

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