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An empowered woman

With her bubbly personality and contagious smile, my sister Gillet exudes positivity that gets easily pass on to people around her. This young lady usually makes inspirational quotes and positive thoughts out of her daily ponderings when she is in her training. And because she would like to share her wanderings to others, Gretchen thought of a way to make it a form of merchandise while leaving people with positivity through her own project.


Ideas that uplift the spirit and morale, enlighten someone’s clouded thoughts, or just plain encouraging words to make you go forward and reach for your dreams are the things she, together with the people who help in her ventures, would like to share to others.


Despite her heavy load at work, Gilet will never set aside the urge to go places as she has long been bitten by the travel bug. “I love traveling! Super! Every chance I get to explore and experience, I do! I just love learning new things and seeing different cultures,” she says. For this woman,  who is also someone who lovesa the computer (you know, stuff about reviews and nas server test and the like), travelling close to nature makes her feel God’s presence. It’s as if when she’s lost in the middle of nature, she sees and reflects on the beauty of life and of people.


“I’m a nature-lover. I feel God’s presence every time I’m in the midst of nature,” she says.


Dealing with pitfalls


This girl’s chosen craft is undeniably one that is rooted from a passionate heart, saying that hers is what keeps her “fighting until the end” and go the extra mile. Gilet  says, “When I play the game, I just think of my love for the sport, what I’ve been working hard for and what I want for the team.” But successes are not always in their side.  “Failure is an important part of learning, becoming better and maturing as a person. Once you accept this, failure won’t be something you fear but something you will embrace to be stronger.”


She also stresses on not being hard on herself and to learn to relax and laugh off the bad vibes away of her system. “Enjoy the journey. Allow yourself to remember why you’re here in the first place, and the love will come back to you,” the stunner said.


And like any other television personality and known sports star who gets her own share of spotlight, she is not an exemption to bashers who try to pin her down and throw below-the-belt criticisms just because.  In spite these, she still stands strong and unshaken as she knows people know nothing about what she has gone through to reach what she is today. “Believe me, I’m just human and at the start it wasn’t easy,” she says. “People out there have no idea about your journey and they can only judge at surface value,” she adds, stressing that she has long passed the stage where she had to be hard on herself to meet the expectations of people.


Believing that they do the bashing and incessant criticisms because of their personal burdens, she  knows that haters are there to keep her humble and aware of the fact that she can never please everybody.  “When I learned to let that go, when I learned not to care so much about what others were saying that was when I was able to go back to my core.” She has come so far. And yet, she continues to strive for the craft she chooses.

And when everything seems to be tough, take it from the words of this woman who had her share of pressure and weariness.


When your body gets weak and tired, when you feel like your passion’s run dry, don’t forget to take a breather and remember that life is beautiful, she says.  “You are beautiful. Imperfect, yes, but beautiful just the same.”


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