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PassMaker Pro
PassMaker Pro
apple ios 6 passbook iphone iPad

PassMaker Pro for iOS 6

PassMaker Pro the easy to use utility app integrates with all Apple iOS 6 iPhone, iPad and passbook App. PassMaker Pro allows you to create 5 different pass types available in Passbook. You can create Event Tickets, Store Cards, Travel Tickets, Coupons and Generic Passes.
apple ios 6 passbook iphone iPad
Icons and Colours PassMaker Pro


PassMaker Pro lets you customise these passes with over 40 different coloured backgrounds, over 40 different pass icons and over 40 different pass logos their are over a million different combinations, so your sure to make the right pass


There are multiple ways customers can acquire passes. Our passes are all able to be generated and attached to emails or social networks, so you can either provide the customer with a customized pass on a sale or special offer. Any of your customers with a iOS device with iOS 6 or greater installed will be able to access your pass.

iOS Passbook Generic Pass
iOS Passbook Travel Pass
iOS Passbook Store Card
iOS Passbook Coupon
iOS Passbook Event Ticket
apple ios 6 passbook iphone iPad