Allergy on the big day


My sister had an allergy on her big day—her wedding with her long time boyfriend and best friend Lucas. She ate a bucket of shrimp the other day and it still lingers on her even when she took medication. Their best man made a joke out of it. Promise I heard the best man speech jokes I’ve ever heard in their reception. After the incident I read about allergies and I remember on celerity talking about it. Soon to be mother and television personality has been experiencing allergies for years now. But this bubbly and go-getter person, nothing can stop her from doing the things she loves even when allergies get in the way. “I’m always around different things that are dusty and feathery,” she said, adding that she started having allergies when she was still a young girl in Australia.  As she started her career and eventually got into sports and travelling with then boyfriend and now husband she can’t escape being exposed to factors that can trigger her allergy. Allergies exist in different forms. Its symptoms vary from sneezing uncontrollably, or experience a runny nose paired with watery eyes. Allergy attacks might vary and it impairs the senses and hinders one from living your life to the fullest.  Allergy symptoms might be common among many people that it leads to a lot of misconceptions. Some of these myths include ignoring the allergy attacks, upon the belief that it will eventually go away. Sometimes, people go as far as exposing themselves to allergens in the hope that they will become immune to it.


There are also those who think that overtime, they will eventually outgrow their allergy and be “healed” completely.  And for her, she only trusts a brand, the world’s number one anti-allergy medicine 1, continues its plight in fighting common allergies. “At home, my husband owns a pet cat that I’m super allergic to!” she said. “I love pets but I just can’t be around them for a long time, or else I’ll end up sneezing my way through the day. When this happens, I only trust the expert and take the pill, the world’s number one allergy medicine.”  Cruz added that besides being the number one non-drowsy over the counter antihistamine and the number one allergy brand in the world, Claritin also continues to be the pioneer in anti-allergy through its recent launch. goal is to give people with allergies the freedom to do the things they wanted—indoor or outdoor—just like Iya.


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